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Through the Foundation, the administrators of District 230 formally recognize one senior at each campus who:

  • Approaches academics with an open mind and rises to the challenge of the highest standards of excellence.

  • Represents the very best that their school has to offer through co-curricular involvement and achievement.

  • Demonstrates leadership in representing their fellow students, their school, and their community. 

In appreciation for the exemplary work of our students, a recipient from each school is awarded a $2,500 scholarship.  Congratulations to these D230 Foundation Administrative Scholarship Winners.


Andrea Acosta - Sandburg High School 2024

Andrea Acosta has achieved great things throughout her time as a Sandburg student. She is among the most involved students within the class of 2024. Her long list of activities includes Chamber Singers, Debate, President of DECA, Model UN Executive Board, National Honor Society Officer, National Spanish Honors Society, CORE Club, Friendship Connection, Student Council, Student Ambassadors, FEM Power Executive Board Member, and likely even a few more. 

This year, Andrea has also embraced a leadership role as a student representative on the Education Committee of the D230 School Board. In this role, Andrea provides her perspective and feedback related to district improvement planning and the D230 Strategic Framework. 

Andrea has juggled all of these after school activities with a challenging schedule and course load and she has still accumulated an impressive grade point average. She has also found time to prioritize service for her community with more than 100 community service hours. And she has taken time during school breaks to conduct service work in food pantries with her family. She plans to attend Trinity Christian College


Nikol Krol - Stagg High School 2024

Nikol Krol is a self-motivated individual, who consistently goes above and beyond to reach her goals. Throughout her high school years, she has been invested in being the best she can be in the classroom and in her extracurricular activities. She has chosen to challenge herself with multiple honors and advanced placement level courses, and her
transcript reflects an extremely diligent and motivated individual.

Nikol enjoys helping others and is invested in their happiness. She completed over 140 hours of community service and been an active participant in Key Club. In school, she has been an active participant in marching band, the Special Olympics Unified Volleyball team and is co-president of the Stagg Polish Club. Nikol has been an integral part of the Student Services Leadership Team. The Class of 2024 SSLT members gave their annual 'Seniors Helping Juniors' presentation and her practical advice of 'taking everything as it comes' when it comes to the college admissions process really helped give our juniors a sense that they are capable of tackling this intimidating task. Nikol's ability to motivate others through her kindness and wisdom is something that will be a part of her Stagg legacy.


Safaa Majied - Andrew High School 2024

Safaa Majied is a ray of sunshine at VJA. She was Debate Team Captain for three years, French Club event coordinator, Literary Magazine President, an executive board member in the SAVE Club, a Youth and Government senior legislator, a member of Speech, NHS, and ACES. She makes a point to always have a smile on her face even in difficult times and that positivity is contagious. She is bright, endearing, and determined in everything that she does, and it shows. She is the kind of student every educator loves to have. She is compassionate, gracious, resourceful, and committed to her future and the future of those around her.

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