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The District 230 Foundation helps staff at Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools bring their innovative ideas to life for students through its grant program. By providing more than $260,000 to support 111 projects over the past 12 years, the Foundation has made a significant impact on students' education. 

Grants have supported social studies, art, foreign language, sports medicine, democracy, special services, science, literacy, college preparation, character development, international studies, environmental awareness, business, physical education, family and community connections, and so much more.

Hover over the photos below to learn more about the grants currently being implemented.

Stagg in a Bag

Stagg High School

Colleen Regan, Stephanie Young, Kristine Tarbunas, Melissa Zolk, Carrie Sinclair and Margaret Lading

Create a student run business within the ULTIMA Occupations and Instructional Occupations programs. The business will evolve into a self-sustaining entity that becomes
part of the Stagg experience. Recent research identifies soft skills and vocational training as the
building blocks to future post-secondary success.

In the Classroom
Future Educators

Sandburg High School

George Fear and Kathy Krueger

Provide educational resources, guest speaker, and field trip
opportunities to students involved in the Future Teachers Co-Curricular and students enrolled in the
Introduction to Education course. The educational resources consist of blog subscriptions, educational
affiliations, and a small library of texts related to classroom climate and culture, history of education,
pedagogy, and curriculum. 

Electrical Construction Plans
Math in Construction Trades

Stagg High School

John Daniels

Apply concepts learned in Math in Construction Trades class to the building of projects. This grant provides the necessary tools to implement this brand new course.

Happy Family
Family Engagement

Stagg High School

Amal Abdellatif

Create a culturally-responsive program to engage Culturally and Linguistically Diverse families in their child's education through communication techniques, family nights and community outreach.

Photo Studio Lights
Black-box Theater and Media Production Lab

Andrew High School

Brian Nolan and Mary McCarthy

Transforming an underused room into a flexible and multi-purpose black-box theatre, multimedia production, and multi-purpose meeting space. Space will support large theater program, additional student performances and multimedia production education.

Muslim Girl Studying
First Generation Support

Andrew High School

Cody Daily

Assist First Generation college-bound students with the post-secondary planning process. The group is for all grade levels and provides
various levels of assistance including an understanding of what it means to be First Gen, career counseling
and exploration, post-secondary planning and resources, student mentorship, informative field trips and guest speakers, and more!

Recording Studio
Recording Studio Sessions

Sandburg High School

Brian Hillhouse

Attend a state of the art music recording studio and record
Sandburg Jazz Ensemble I. Music Business and Technology (MBT) students at all three schools will shadow a professional engineer in setting up microphones, applying physics of sound properties, acoustics, mixing consoles and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). 

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