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 2015-16 Grant Recipients 

Jen Baniewicz, Pete Gabel, Tim McAlpin and Lynn McGarel
American Service Memorial
The American Service Memorial project is dedicated to the alumni of Stagg High School who have lost their lives while in service to our cuntry. The memorial will honor fallen military personnel, police, firefighters, first responders and government officials by name and graduation year. Students will lead a committee to research Stagg graduates involved in American service as well as lead education, communication and continued development of the memorial. 

Jennifer Baniewicz and David Podkul
 Honoring America's Heroes
Students in U.S. History and Psychology classes will honor local veterans through two field trips. The first will be to the National Veterans Arts Museum in Chicago to learn about current veteran expereinces in war and how they use art to express their feelings and cope with PTSD. The second field trip will be to welcome home WWII and Korean veterans from an Honor Flight at Midway Airport.
Christina Cumbo and Sarah Pulaski
Bringing RNBC Executive Functioning Program
This grant will bring the Rush Neurobehavioral Center to Sandburg High School to trian special education staff on Executive Functioning research and how to incorporate strategies and resources into the classroom. The program will provide teachers with a systemaic approach to helping students with materials management, planning and time management, study strategies, understanding learning strengths, goal setting and decision making. 
Andrew and Sandburg
Laura Kirby and Jennifer Snyder
District 230 Commits to Conservation
The grant is a partenership betwen Andrew, Sandburg and the Orland Grassland-Forest Preserve Dirstrict of Cook County. Together, they will restore and monitor prairie habitat to increase both biodiversity and conservation awareness. Students will plant native cuttings on land provided by the Orland Grasslands. They will monitor the site year after year, collect data on invasive plant species, soil conditions, fuana identification and other biotic and abiotic features. The data will be shared between the schools for ongoing educational purposes.  
Andrew Guidance Department
Getting to Know You 
The grant will equip Andrew's College and Career Center with career and interest inventories to assist students in identifying college and career goals. The Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Brigs Type Indicator will give students insights into themselves, their strenghts and their personalities as they set future-focused goals.
Rene Murray, Carrie Jaroski and Kathleen Bobber
Riding the Wave: Using Biofeedback to Assist Students to Self-Regulate in the Academic Enviornment  
This grant will help students struggling with the ability to self-regulate their emotions and lessen the negative impact on their academic performace and interpersonal relationships. Through the use of emWave, a heart-rate variability monitor, students will learn to regulate their body's reactions when presented with stressful enviornment stimuli.
David Kreis
Sports Medicine Symposium
Continuing its success, the Sports Medicine Symposium brings together students to learn from numerous professionals in the sports medicine field. The symposium connects students with practicing professionals to give insights and hands-on training to potential occupations. It helps students narrow their search for a future field of study and career.  
Susan Kealy and Lauren Royer
Writing in the Real World
Through this grant, students interact with and learn from published poets. The authors will do readings, answer student questions and conduct writing workshops. This project raises awareness of the importance of writing and the differences it can make in a sometimes confusing world. 
All Three Campuses
John Bartgen, Jim Corcoran, Brian Jackson, Dave Arndt and Scott Plasier
Helping Preserve Lake Sedgewick for Tomorrow's Fishermen Today
Students from all three high schools will learn the importance of natural resource conservation through their involvement in several hands-on preservation activities. Students will be involve with stocking Lake Sedewick, removing invasive plant species and replacing them with appropriate vegetation, placing additional fish habitats and monitoring fish populations in the lake. They will work alongside professionals from the Department of Natural Resources. 
All Three Campuses
Lynn Robinson, Laura Schmuck and Nitya Viswanath
Parlons francais! A French immersion night in D230
Students enrolled in French classes at Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools will be immersed in an evening of activities completely in French. Activities will generate authentic communication among students including making a meal, directing a blindfolded partner through an obstacle course, and problem-solving with QR video clues during a scavenger hunt…all while only speaking and reading French. 
Bill Scott, Dan Roche, Laurei Genslinger and Lisa Mondragon
Read and Ride
Based on brain research, students in the PALS program will use desk cycles to improve academic and behavioral growth. The added movement of using the desk cycles provides increased engagement with content, heightened awareness of executive functioning skills, longer periods of focus and improved mood. 
Laura Kirby and Dana Birch
Backyard Birds in the OLC
Building on the success of the Outdoor Learning Center at Andrew, students and staff will establish a habitat to benefit native bird species and encourage citizen science among students. In collaboration with funding from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to build birdhouses and bird feeders, this grant will provide bird seed, a bird bath and additional plantings to entice birds into the habitat. 
Claire Dovantzis and Christin Mozden
Community-based Instruction for Instructional Level Students
Andrew High School students special needs students will access community resources to learn functional life skills including using public transportation, accessing local public library resources, banking responsibly, shopping safely and planning and preparing meals. These skills will assist students as they transition from the school setting to independence.
Audra VanRadin
Heart rate Monitors in Physical Education
The use of heart rate monitors in Andrew High School physical education classes will increase the quality of physical activity students experience during class and will serve as an objective assessment tool for students. The monitors provide real time feedback and help students track their performance long-term and ultimately improve their overall health and wellness. 
Mary McCarthy, Tim Dalton, Natacia Campbell and Doug Kaufman
The New Literacy Center
The New Literacy Center will integrate English, math, science and world language resources into one center to better serve the academic needs of Andrew High School students. Student tutors will be trained to assist their peers in improving reading, writing, critical thinking and study skills in all disciplines. 

Michelle Hoven, Micki Bohac, Lisa Swan-Kana
Sensory and Executive Function Reading Intervention Room
The Sensory and Executive Function Reading Intervention Room will support academic and social-emotional learning for students with disabilities. The specially designed space and reading materials will provide opportunities for students to balance the rigorous demands of the curriculum, improve reading and writing skills, and allow students greater choice and control within the learning environment.

Kathyrn Guelcher and Tom Maguire
Visiting Writers Series
The Visiting Writers Series grant broadens and deepens the school’s historic literary tradition by bringing writers into the school to do a reading, speak with students, lead a writers’ workshop and judge a student writing contest. Students are actively involved in planning the visits that help them to develop leadership and organizational skills, as well. 
Mary Pat Carr, Jessica Nelson, Allan Williams and Shannan Sisk
Charger University
 Charger University is a monthly series dedicated to social-emotional learning. Each month a guest speaker informs, educates and provides an interactive forum for students to learn about significant topics facing teens including health concerns, mental health topics, current social issues, and social media.
Micheal Kealy
White Wall Project - Phase Two
The White Wall Project is a creation of the Stagg Climate Committee to motivate students and visually enhance the school environment. Students will suggest inspirational quotes that will be developed into displays by art students and then installed throughout the campus. 
Susan Kealy and Lauren Royer
Writing in the Real World: A Year of Poetry
The Writing in the Real World grant continues an outstanding program that connects students with published writers. It raises awareness of the importance of writing and the differences it can make in a confusing world. The program also inspires students and staff in many facets of educational and personal growth. This year the grant will focus on connecting students with real world poets including academic and page poets, slam and performance poets.
Adam Clendenning and Maureen Moran
Social Emotional Learning Lab
 The Social-Emotional Learning Lab will teach special services students coping strategies and allow them to experience activities that help them regulate their emotions and behaviors. It will teach students about building respectful relationships, accountability for their actions, as well as decision-making and communication skills.

2014-15 Grant Recipients 
Robert Nolting, Abir Othman and Student Leaders
Celebrating Victor J. Andrew
This grant will provide seed money for the creation of museum-like display at the entrance of the school to celebrate the accomplishments of its namesake Victor J. Andrew. Senior leaders working alongside Victor’s grandson learn about the history of the man the school is named for and his commitment to innovation, philanthropy and scientific achievement. Using artifacts donated by the family, this display will provide information and inspiration. 
Kristin Pila
Future Fitness Professionals/American Council on Exercise Certification
This grant will prepare students for a career certification from the American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Certification. Students will learn the content as well as practice the skills necessary to master the pillars to the certification exam. Upon passing the exam, students would have the certification needed to gain employment fitness facilities, park districts and college fitness centers. 
Laura Kirby and Dana Birch
Greening the Outdoor Classroom
This grant will continue the efforts established with a previous grant to create an outdoor classroom at Andrew. Now that the classroom has been built, this grant will incorporate green practices including a rain barrel watering station, organic gardening and composting. Students will be involved in caring for the classroom and it will provide an additional space for classes to learn. 
Sarah Lombard
Let Your Voices Be Heard
This mini grant will improve students’ proficiency in Spanish-speaking skills through the use of online speaking and recording software using Google Voice. The grant will provide the headphone/microphones needed to take advantage of the software. Studies have shown one of the best ways to improve students’ speaking fluency and accuracy is through continuous practice accompanied by quick specific feedback on their performance. This grant will allow that to happen.
Kristin Pila, Phil Dryer, David Kreis and Scott Peters
Medical Professionals: Surgery, Speakers and Labs
This grant will support the 6th Annual Sports Medicine Symposium by providing funding for a Skyped Surgery where students will watch live as a medical team treats a patient. The grant will also support the Sports Medicine Quiz Bowl where students test their knowledge of topics learned in sports medicine courses. 
Ross Trout, Suzane Hegeman, Julie Terlep, Laura Begani, Kristin Mastejulia and Alice Cooler
Overdrive Immersion
To keep up with the demand for information as the district expands the use of digital devices, the Overdrive platform will offer a compilation of eBooks, audio books, eTextbooks and video streaming. This grant will expand the electronic collection available at all three schools.
Chris Komer and Izz Matariyeh
This grant will help sustain the Robotics program at Sandburg where students design, engineer and build a highly functioning robot for the US FIRST Robotics competition. Students work closely with engineers and business professionals through the fall and early spring to prepare for competition.

Tom Maguire and Kathryn Guelcher
Visiting Writers Series
This grant will broaden and deepen the school’s historic literary tradition by bringing writers into the school to do a reading, speak with students, lead a writers’ workshop and judge a student writing contest. Students will be actively involved in planning the visits which will help them to develop leadership and organizational skills, as well. 
Mary Ogarek and Lisa Thyer
Writing in the Real World: Part 2 
This grant will continue the outstanding program created by Mary Ogarek this school year, by connecting students with published writers. It will continue to raise awareness of the importance of writing and the differences it can make in a confusing world. The program also will inspire students and staff in many facets of the educational and personal growth.
Scott Plasier and Jim Fabianski
The Ultimate in Problem Solving: Cave Bouldering 
This grant will support the installation of a climbing cave in the school’s blue gym for use by PE classes and clubs. The bouldering cave will present more complex problem-solving situations for students as well as diverse climbing scenarios and team-building activities. 



2013-14 Grant Recipients
Dave Drzonek, Fred Peronto and Pat Usher
Success Stories: A Living Guide to Building Curiosity, Optimism and Grit       
Based on research from the book “How Children Succeed” this campus grant will inspire students by engaging them with experts who exemplify the key characteristics of grit, zest, conscientiousness, optimism, self-control, curiosity and gratitude.  All attributes that the research links to success both in school and in life through what the author calls “performance character.” Students will see speakers as part of the “Success Stories” series off campus as well presenters brought to school. 


Kristin Pila, Phil Dryer and Dave Kreis              
Medical Professional Labs and Speakers

This district-wide grant will expose students interested in the medical field to a series of speakers and hands-on labs guided by those experts. These opportunities allow students to gather a strong understanding of the various professions and to determine if it is a right fit for their future. The labs take the lessons taught in the classroom and through presentations to another level by allowing students to utilize tools and resources used regularly by medical professionals.

Lynn Robinson, Nitya Viswanath and Laura Schmuck
Sacre Bleu! Explorations in Science in the World Language Class
Students in French classes across the district will explore, investigate, make predictions and describe science phenomena while using the French language. Students will acquire new science-related vocabulary within the world language they are studying through investigations, writing, discussion and presentations.

Giedre Kazlauskas                              
Long Distance Learning: International Pen Pal Project

This mini-grant will pair English Language Learners with high school students around the world through an international pen pal program. Student writing improves dramatically when the writer has a real audience for whom they are writing. This grant will support that initiative along with introducing the students to a global perspective and aid them in becoming tolerant, respectful adults.

Denise Ledvina and Tammy Stamus
Project Access

Project Access will allow for students identified with behavioral and emotional disabilities to have access to and utilize current technology as they learn skills that will impact their educational progress in high school and beyond. Students will learn how to identify, problem solve, take responsibility for and monitor their emotions, thoughts and behaviors through the use of two iPad 2 devices in conjunction with the program. Apps and video modeling using the iPads will assist students in meeting their goals.

Mary Michaelson                                    

This grant will have students across campus celebrate Illinois Arts Month through engagement in a variety of activities. Students will create a collaborative mural, participate in a “coffee house” with visual artists, musicians, writers, actors and dancers, and experience the power of community-based art through Chalk Fest and Window Art. Art students will also learn from professional artists through a series of guest speakers and hands-on lessons.

Donna Herman, Carrie King, Christy Meiling, Jen Jordt, Anne Barkus, Alice Cooler, Brian Gascoin and Jeff Janes
One Book - One School - One State

This campus grant will support and encourage students, staff and the community to participate in a shared reading of one book, along with the opportunity to partake in additional literacy experiences supported by the Illinois Reads Program. The Andrew community will be motivated to participate in the social and active nature of reading through a variety of experiences, meeting the diverse needs of students, staff and community. Critical thinking skills will be enhanced as participants develop relationships with the characters and apply what they learn from the text to the world around us.

Karen Fitzgerald, Amy Yeaman, Amy Brown, Lisa Thayer and Mary Ogarek
Writing in Real World     
This campus grant will connect students with authors and teach them the power of language and its importance in society. Authors and guest speakers will relate the content of books to the context of students’ lives. This project will allow authors to discuss their books and the craft of writing in order to spark student interest in the creative process and the content of their books. 
2012-13 Grant Recipients 

Patricia Clifton and Mally LaGiglia
Sandburg High School
Lunch with a Professional
Lunch with a Professional is a monthly program that gives students the opportunity to meet with professional to assist in developing their future-focused career goals while realizing their potential toward a specific career. Through this program students connect classroom learning to a variety of careers, the education and training involved in those careers and essential workplace skills. 

Phil Dryer, Kristin Green and Dave Kreis
All Three High Schools
Fourth Annual Sports Medicine Symposium
This district-wide event has expanded over the years to provide an opportunity for more than 300 students to learn about numerous professions in the sports medicine field. It connects students to practicing medical professionals in order to give them insight into potential future occupations. 

Michael Kravitz
Andrew High School
VJA-TV is a student-run broadcasting club created to meet a growing interest students have in the field of broadcasting. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to do all aspects of a television production including live athletic events, school activities, and newscasts. 

Dana Birch and Laura Kirby
Andrew High School
Building an Outdoor Learning Center
An outdoor classroom will be constructed at Andrew High School to allow teachers from all departments to connect their students to nature and provide and opportunities for cross-curricular links. By providing the opportunity to develop a respect for nature as part of the educational experience, students will learn to be accountable and responsible for the environment.  

Michael Kealy and Michael Durbin
Stagg High School
The White Wall Project
The White Wall Project is a creation of the Stagg Climate Committee to motivate students and visually enhance the school environment. Students will suggest inspirational quotes that will be developed into displays by art students and then installed throughout the campus. 

Pete Knutson and Chris Milo
Sandburg High School
LIVE from the Steel Eagle
Building on the success of the Steel Eagle radio station, the program will expand to include live video broadcasts of athletic matches, school events and news programming. Students will be able to expand their technical skills to include a variety of multi-media including radio and video.

Jennifer Doede, Karen Erickson, Jenny Bowen, Courtney Stoub, Audra VanRaden, Doug Bozych, Phil Dryer and Dave Wilson
Andrew High School
T-Bolt Wellness Team: Planting Seeds to Grow Healthy Adults 
The T-Bolt Wellness Team will expand to include students and staff in planning programs that demonstrate the impact that health and wellness choices have on themselves and others. This year-long campaign will include monthly informational posters, healthy food choices, presentations by a dietician, Brain Boot Camp, an Andrew Community Exercising Simultaneously event, a wellness fair, and after school field trips to local fitness facilities.

Aron Kopera and Mike Moylan
Stagg High School
FIRST Robotics Teams
Students will work collaboratively with professional engineers to build a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Students will apply the content they learn in the classroom including computer programming, mechanical designs, team leadership and applied technical skills while gaining real-world experience.  
2011-12 Grant Recipients
Patricia Clifton and Mally LaGiglia
“Lunch with a Professional” 

Jennifer Doede, Doug Bozych, Courtney Stoub and Phil Dryer 
“Health Bodies – Healthy Minds: Brain Boot Camp” 
Laura Begani, Beth Gulden and Leigh Johnson
“Parent University”

Phil Dryer, Kristin Green and Dave Kreis
“Third Annual Sports Medicine Symposium” 

Harmoni Vasich
“Reading for the Future: Increasing Reading and Career Awareness” 

Chris Komer and Izz Matariyeh
“The New Cool: Carl Sandburg Robotics” 

Jim Malec and John Tadla
“ACE: A Career Exploration” 

Tycee Sasso, Julie Heinlen and Kelli Fletcher
“District 230 Fashion Show” 

Pete Knutson and Chris Milo
“Steel Eagle Takes Flight” 

Carey Vandenberg
“School Store”

Kristin Mastejulia, Laura Begani, Julie Terlap, Suzanne Eastman, Patrice Nelson and Ross Trout \
“Integrating eBooks into District 230 Media Centers” 

Jennifer Baniewicz and Erin Petric
“Remembering 9-11” 

2010-11 Grant Recipients 
Karen Fitzgerald, Dan Zielinski and Amy Yeaman from Stagg High School for "Intergenerational Service Learning Project"
This mini grant will allow students to collaborate with community members on both ends of the generation spectrum. Each month, students will team with senior citizens at Peace Memorial Village in projects to enhance communication skills, improve self-esteem and develop respectful relationships. They will also become pen pals with kindergarten students at Christa McAuliffe School and create lesson plans and activities to teach the students during Dr. Seuss Day.

Kim Huelsman from Sandburg High School for "Give All You Can Give: Military Honor Wall"
This campus grant will honor those from the Sandburg community who are serving or have served in the military through a display created by World History classes. The students will create an action plan, complete research and see the project through to completion, including a written and electronic directory and permanent display.

Angela Huntington from Andrew High School for "iTouch to Independence"
This mini grant will increase the level of independence in vocational and self-help skills for students. Skills will be digitally recorded and played back on a portable video device in order for students with intellectual disabilities to learn the steps necessary to complete tasks on their own. The technology will promote independence and self-management in the workplace and in their daily lives.
Dan Carrier, Brian Buglio and Sarah Bryers from Stagg High School for "Dartfish Software and Video Analysis Program"
Through the use of advanced video technology students and their teachers will analyze the biomechanics of human movement. Video analysis of students’ form and technique in a physical education setting will help them develop critical thinking skills as they analyze body movement and improve upon skills needed to safely improve their fitness and performance. 

Mark Lobes and Lindsey Moritz from Andrew High School for "Architecture and City Planning Student Exchange"
A continuation of a long-standing partnership with a school in Germany, this student exchange will focus on architecture, urban planning and historical events that have shaped both Chicago and Hamburg, Germany. Students will connect research in both cities while building relationships with international students and teachers.

Spiro Merkouris, Christina Soldan and Laura Lorenzo from Sandburg High School for "Outdoor Learning Center"
The creation of an outdoor learning center in a wooded area on campus will provide a space for personal and social development, environmental awareness and opportunities for cross-curricular links. By providing the opportunity to develop a respect for nature as part of the educational experience, students will learn to be accountable and responsible for the environment.

Phil Dryer, Kristin Green and Dave Kreis from across the District for "Sports Medicine Symposium"
Building the success of the first Sports Medicine Symposium held this year, this district-wide event provides an opportunity for students to learn about numerous professions in the sports medicine field. It will connect students to practicing medical professionals in order to give them insight into potential future occupations.  
2009-10 Grant Recipients

Lori Hibbott and Charlie Tarjan from Carl Sandburg High School for “Sustained Silent Reading Classroom Library”  
In an effort to help students become better readers and writers and to improve their vocabulary, a Sustained Silent Reading Library was created. Students have the opportunity to check out books from the classroom library resulting in an increased appreciation for reading. This grant provided approximately 220 books that will be in student’s hands starting first semester.

Carolyn Arnold, Margaret Deyerler, Jill Erdman, Marissa Fildew, Kelly Mendoza, Adriane Solomon and Kim VanderWoude from Sandburg High School for “Reading in the Foreign Language: A Link to Literacy” 
This grant introduced authentic periodicals, magazines and books geared toward teenagers into Spanish classrooms. It created an on-going mobile reading program that will enhance the curriculum, develop literacy skills across all levels of Spanish and improve reading scores.  

Angela Huntington and Melissa Wolff from Andrew High School for “INSPIRE Creations”  
INSPIRE Creations is a work experience for students with multiple disabilities. Students make cards for several occasions and sell the cards to sustain their own business. This experience helps the students develop communication skills and functional skills that they can apply to real world situations. This grant provided the start-up costs and then the sale of the cards helps the program become self-sustaining.

Judy Brower and Ginni Guzior from Sandburg High School for “Edible Art” 
Advanced Culinary Arts and Photography students prepared an edible art banquet using specialized techniques, principles of design and environmental consciousness. Local culinary arts and art professionals interacted with students to teach them food preparation techniques and artistic skills. Overall, students were responsible for all aspects of the banquet including food preparation, budget and scheduling. 

Beth Gulden and Leigh Johnson from Stagg High School for “Community Connections: Parent Liaisons” 
The Community Connections project is an effort to foster connections between non-English speaking parents, their children and the school to help them make their high school experience successful. Skilled parent liaisons will assist counselors and other staff members in translating documents as well as in-person communications. This project celebrates Stagg High School’s diversity and enables students and families to strengthen their connection to the school community. 

Donna Herman and Carrie King  from Andrew High School for “One Book One School  - Expanded” 
With this grant the One Book One School literacy project added a new component as it moves into its third year. Just as Web 2.0 connects people from around the world, One Book One School Expanded seeks to connect reading experiences across the school district by inviting District 230 staff and students to participate in real and virtual time. The program used web quests, blogging and video interviews in addition to the more traditional books talks.
Donna Herman from Andrew High School for “Literacy Leaders Project” 
This project is a collaborative reading venture with local grade schools designed to create shared reading opportunities between juniors who struggle in reading and first or second graders who are learning how to read. This partnership allowed high school students the chance to utilize, practice and share their reading skills with developing readers. 

Sandy Kuypers and Jim Duffy from Stagg High School for “School Store” 
This grant provided for the creation of a School Store where students participate in running a small business that offered school supplies and other items for sale to students and staff. Students will be activity involved  in organizing and setting-up the store as well as staffing, scheduling workers, conducting inventory, accounting, merchandising, advertising, ordering and any other activity necessary for the successful management of the store. There also is a connection to local businesses to tap into their expertise to help student learn management skills.
2008-09 Grant Recipients 

Jeff Janes, Tom Kearney, Diane Kozmic, Colleen Martin-Rafferty, Laura Novak, Barb Sopiarz, Carol Sutor, and Walter Zukowski from Andrew High School for “Andrew Green Team – Every Day is Earth Day”
In an effort to promote an increased awareness and foster a lifelong sense of responsibility and stewardship for the care of our planet, this grant will implement several environmentally-based initiatives involving students, parents and staff in the Andrew community that will be known as the “Green Team.” This will include waste reduction, paper recycling, saving monarch butterflies, and monthly environmental education themes. 

Stacey Ardizonne and Erin McMillan from Sandburg High School for “Daily Living Skills Room”
This grant assists students with multiple needs to learn the skills they will need in their daily lives. Through the installation of kitchen and laundry equipment students will have real life experiences to learn the skills needed to be functionally independent in their lives. 

Sarah Lombard and Michelle Martinez from Andrew High School for “Leamos Juntos (Let’s Read Together)”
The goal of this grant is to improve students’ proficiency in Spanish through the use of a mobile Spanish library. The library will include resources for reading in Spanish, specific to students’ levels and interests. 

Brian Dennis, Cathy Harper, Jen Doede and Dave Henry from across the District for “SWSC Special Games”
This grant will show support for students with special needs and their peer tutors as they participate in the SWSC Special Games. This event gives students an opportunity to demonstrate skill acquisition in a competitive format, promote their school spirit, and see their role in the greater community. 

Mike Duffy from Andrew High School for “The Trilogue Project – Three Countries, One World”
Through this grant, all Andrew students, staff and community will be encouraged to participate in activities examining the history of the Cold War and make comparisons with the War on Terror. A series of panel discussions and activities will develop an ongoing dialogue between the school and students and staff from Russia and Germany. 

Mike Duffy, Lee Harsy and Doug Kaufmann from Andrew High School for “Witness to History”
This grant will invite speakers who have been witnesses to history to work with small and large groups of students. What better way to underscore the importance of helping students realize their potential in an ever-changing world than by helping them see that at some point in their life they will be called upon to make a courageous decision. 

Jennifer Baniewicz and Erin Hanson from Stagg High School for “Campus Connections: Professor Speakers”
This grant is an effort to create a strong relationship between local universities and the Stagg school community. Twice a year, a professor will speak with students and staff about a social science topic. Students will have the opportunity to hear the lecture and interact with the professor about the speech topic and the college, as well. Following the presentation, Stagg staff members will work directly with the professor to gather materials for future classroom use. In addition, the school’s culinary arts students will have real-world catering experience through preparing a dinner for the participants.
2007-08 Grant Recipients

Ginni Guizor from Sandburg High School
for “The Art and Architecture of Carl Sandburg: Man and School”
Students in color photography classes researched the poetry of Carl Sandburg and then connected key elements of his work to their school environment through photography. The final product was a book of student work that links their perceptions of the school with Carl Sandburg’s words. 

Donna Herman, Carrie King, Beverly Bruns, and Patty Nelson from Andrew High School for “One School, One Book: A Literacy Adventure”
All Andrew High School students, faculty, staff and community members were encouraged to read the same book during the year. A series of book discussions and activities were planned to develop a community of readers. The social and active nature of this project encouraged discussion with peers, teachers and community members as a way to build literacy, critical thinking skills and a caring society. 

Diane Gurnea and Mike Littman from Stagg High School for “Amos Alonzo Stagg Nature Center”
Life sciences students experienced hands-on learning activities in an outdoor biological classroom consisting of native wild plants on the school grounds. Student understanding of local biodiversity, conservation awareness and other concepts covered in existing courses were enhanced through this nature center. 

Pat Usher, Kim Witt and Government Teachers from Sandburg High School for “Voice and Choice: A Living Guide for First-Time Voters”
This is a 16-month consortium on voting that directly impacted 700 student-voters and 1,200 government students. The overall goal was to inform students of the life-long civic duty of voting in local, state and federal elections through symposiums, mock elections, and other experiences. 

Laurie Rapinchuk, Kathleen Corr, Mary Ventura, Debbie Ferrero, Allison Roberts, Dave Henry, Janet Manning, and Ian McLeod from Stagg High School for “Snoezelen Concept Sensory Room”
Through the continued development of the Snoezelen Concept Sensory Room, students with disabilities have a space that empowers them to seek things that relax them. The release of stress and frustration by using specialized equipment will then allow them to return to the classroom more open to learning.